cebelian crm,

a high level of customization



Parameter adjustment is carried out via a dedicated and intuitive interface using a web browser. No previous computer knowledge is required, thus enabling the customization of cebelian crm by functional users.

  • The data model fits your business:
    • No Restrictions: define the entities required
      (companies, contact, opportunity, mails, quotation, order ...),
    • The joins between these entities are defined on the fly,
    • Database administration users rights are natively embedded. 
  • Dynamic screen definition:
    • sequencing of the objects,
    • fields positionning,
    • external links (google map ...),
    • screens dedicated to smarpthones.
  • Integration with your information system:
    • email tracking, mail merge documents, xls are native functions of cebelian crm,
    • Free access to the database,
    • Links with other applications.


Fileds positionning, tabs, external links (Google map ...), dashboards, color-coding ensure our customers an intuitive and functionnaly suitable interface.

€ 20 excl. VAT per month per user

the best cost of acquisition, implementation and use on the market.

Test cebelian crm